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  • Mybuses now cleaner and greener!
    03 October 2014
  • Mybus yellow school buses are now cleaner and greener

    Over the summer, 119 Mybuses were fitted with clean bus technology to reduce emissions and make them better for the environment.

    In addition, every yellow bus has been fitted with a system that helps the drivers to drive in a more fuel-friendly manner, so burning less fuel and reducing pollution to the environment.


    £1m from the Department for Transport!

    In order to complete project, the West Yorkshire Combined Authority (WYCA) were successful in getting £1m as part of a ‘Clean Bus Technology’ grant from the Department for Transport.  In addition to this (WYCA) matched the £1m with a further £800,000.


    Health benefits

    Pollution especially affects young people by causing health problems like asthma so making the school buses better for the environment is great for pupils travelling on the buses and also walkers and cyclists who may be near the school gates when the bus is parked there.

    West Yorkshire Combined Authority Chair Cllr Peter Box said, “Young people are especially susceptible to the potential adverse health effects of vehicle emissions so fitting this technology to school buses is particularly beneficial.”



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