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  • 2 Plus Lane comes to Tong Street
    08 March 2013
  • New, outbound High Occupancy Vehicle Lane from Monday 12 March.

    2 plus lane

    Commuters in Bradford will benefit from a new 2+ High Occupancy Vehicle Lane on Tong Street, from Monday 12 March.

    Running along a stretch of the A650 southbound, through the junction with Rooley Lane,the new 2+ Lane aims to reduce congestion and speed up travel times by allowing vehicles with two or more occupants, plus cycles and motorcycles, to use a dedicated lane.

    At the same time, a new urban traffic control system has been installed, monitoring traffic 24 hours a day.

    The system reacts to congestion by phasing the traffic lights, resulting in smoother traffic flow and improved journey times.

    "This new 2+ Lane will contribute to reducing congestion and carbon emissions, which are key objectives of the West Yorkshire Local Transport Plan." said Metro Chairman Cllr James Lewis.

    "We've seen the benefits of 2+ Lanes elsewhere in West Yorkshire, and I'm sure this improvement in the use of available road space will soon mean quicker and more reliable journeys for the thousands of bus passengers using the A650."

    The 2+ Lane will only be in operation Monday to Friday between 7am and 10am and 4pm and 7pm. Any vehicle can use the 2+ Lane outside of these times. Heavy Good Vehicles, and cars and vans with only one occupant cannot use the 2+ Lane when it is on operation; after an initial settling-in period, the 2+ Lane will be monitored by West Yorkshire Police, who will issue Fixed Penalty Notices when appropriate.