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  • Metroville Launch
    29 March 2012
  • Welcome to Metroville!

    Metro is now giving West Yorkshire’s Year-6 pupils an ‘out of this world’ experience at its new Metroville facility in Bradford.

    Metroville is a futuristic new classroom that provides the ideal learning setting for Metro’s Junior SAFEMARK workshops which help pupils to develop valuable life skills in independent travel. Located at Bradford’s state-of-the-art youth facility Culture Fusion, Metroville’s custom-made all-around blinds create a complete environment with its own streets buildings, shops, vehicles and bus stops.

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    Designed for Year-6 pupils about to move up to secondary school, Junior SAFEMARK workshops provide the 11 year-olds with the skills and confidence to use public transport. Many will find themselves travelling to their new school by bus, and Junior SAFEMARK teaches them how to read timetables, plan journeys on-line and how to behave safely while travelling.

    The partnership with Bradford YMCA means student volunteers deliver the training sessions on Metro's behalf. This allows a significant increase in the number Junior SAFEMARK workshops that may be offered to schools and provides the students with valuable teaching experience, which in some cases contributes towards their own course work.

    “Metro has been delivering Junior SAFEMARK sessions to Year-6 pupils, many of whom have never previously used a bus on their own, since 2004,” said Metro Chairman Cllr James Lewis.

    Valuable step

    “Metroville is a valuable step forward in that it provides us with a permanent purpose-built classroom, that represents the outside world in which these young people will be applying those new skills,” he continued. “It is a totally safe environment that the course instructors can use to reinforce the training messages and equip their students with the knowledge and ability to make sustainable transport choices in the future.”

    Metroville will also mean Metro is able to offer Junior SAFEMARK to all Year-6 schools in the Bradford district, whereas previously places have been restricted. Every junior school in the Bradford District has received a letter inviting their Year-6 classes to Metroville.

    But it’s not only Bradford that’s benefiting.

    “Because Junior SAFEMARK courses at Metroville will be delivered by Bradford YMCA staff and student volunteers, Metro’s Travel Choices Team will be able to provide more sessions for schools in the Calderdale, Kirklees, Leeds and Wakefield districts,” said Metro’s Travel Choices Coordinator, Mike Nolan. “Some schools bordering on the Bradford district may be able to travel to Metroville for their training and we may also consider setting up Metrovilles in the other districts in the future.”

    Any schools that are interested in visiting can book their free visit and return transport by calling the SAFEMARK booking team at Culture Fusion on 01274 307 228.

    Junior SAFEMARK

    Junior SAFEMARK aims to prepare children for the world of public transport, prior to their transition to secondary school.

    At this stage in their life many young people experience public transport for the first time as they travel to their new school, or become more independent in their free time. Junior SAFEMARK enables them to take this step safely and confidently. Held throughout the academic year, workshops are organised by Metro in partnership with Bradford YMCA, the district councils and bus operators.


    Culture Fusion

    Culture Fusion is a £7.38 million youth facility which includes a rooftop events area, music and dance studios, a youth cafe, climbing wall, faith pod, elevated wildflower meadow and a gym, based in a converted mill in Bradford’s Thornton Road.

    Culture Fusion

    Watch the video
    Metroville launch (2min40)