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  • School Bus Service Changes

    Changes to school bus services

       Last updated 20th October, 2017

    Service S75 Garforth Academy - Renumbered to service 9


    From 30th October, 2017, school bus service S75 (Squarepeg) to Garforth Academy will be incorporated into the the regular service bus route 9 (Squarepeg). One morning trip toward school and one afternoon trip from school will be timed and routed to operate via the school grounds.


    AM: White Rose Centre 07:19, Middleton Shopping Centre 07:31, Rothwell 07:44, Swillington 07:59, School 08:07.

    PM: School 14:45, Swillington 14:51, Rothwell 15:07, Middleton Shopping Centre 15:18, White Rose Centre 15:29.

    Boarding passes are not required to use this service. Please see WYMetro.com for the full timetable (select the 'upcoming timetable' tab).