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  • School Bus Service Changes

    Changes to school bus services

       Last updated 21st November, 2017


    Full Road Closure - Weetwood Lane - Routes CH1 Cardinal Heenan and PH16 Prince Henry

    Location: Weetwood Lane, Leeds adjacent to The Hollies

    When: From 10:00 Wednesday 22nd November for five weeks

    Reason: Emergency works due to a sewer collapse


    CH1 will operate the usual route as far as Glen Road then right onto Weetwood Lane (toward Hollin Lane), right onto Otley Road toward Lawnswood Roundabout, right onto the ring road then rejoin the usual route from Adel Lane onward. The return trip from school will run in reverse of this.

    PH16 will operate only along Otley Road to Lawnswood Roundabout missing out Weetwood Lane and the ring road.

    Road Closure Dirker Drive, Marsden - Route CV2 Colne Valley High.

    From the 16th November until the 22nd November, 2017, buses will not be able to operate on Dirker Drive in Marsden as the road will be closed for works.

    Route CV2 will start/terminate Manchester Road near Peel Street. (Service bus 185 will start/terminate Fall Lane.)


    Diversion for School Services in Oxenhope - Oakbank and Parkside Schools. 


    Location: Lower Town, Oxenhope. Full closure due to gas works near Best Lane.

    Dates: Monday 9th November until Sunday 3rd December, 2017.

    B58 Oakbank: Toward school as usual route until Hebden Bridge Road then left onto West Drive, left to Station Road then as normal route. On return from school as usual route then right to West Drive, left to Station Road then normal route.

    PS7 Parkside: Toward school start at West Drive, left to Station Road then as normal route. On return from school as normal route to Hebden Bridge Road then left to West Drive where this terminates.