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    22 November 2016

  • Metro's Education Transport department conducts periodic reviews of the school bus services it subsidises. As part of these reviews, Metro will consult with parents and schools to ensure that school bus services meet current and future needs and provide value-for-money. On this page you will find details of any school bus services that are currently being reviewed.




    Open Consultations


    Due to concerns over bus access on Copley Lane, the Education Transport team is looking at introducing revised routes on two Mybus school bus services in the Copley and Skircoat Green areas of Halifax.


    The services affected are C36 to Brooksbank and M9 to North Halifax Grammar School.


    Under the proposals, these buses would no longer serve Copley Lane or Wakefield Road, operating via Salterhebble Hill and Huddersfield Road instead. These changes are being proposed on the grounds of safety and reliability. Removing the buses from the difficult, narrow junction on Copley Lane would help to reduce delays to the bus services and avoid causing hazards to pedestrians in the area.


    Users of these services are invited to provide feedback about these proposals to schoolbusconsultation@westyorks-ca.gov.uk. Based on the feedback received, we may look to implement the revised routes from the start of January 2016. You can view the proposed routes for the services using the links below:


    Map of proposed route for service C36 in Skircoat Green

    Map of proposed route for service M9 in Skircoat Green




    Results of previous school bus consultations

    Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School, Ilkley

    Thank you to those parents who submitted feedback regarding the Mybus services at Sacred Heart Primary School in Ilkley. 


    Following careful evaluation of all the feedback we received, we can confirm that services 498 and P38 will be combined in to one new Mybus service, numbered P98, from September 2015. Service P98 will run to a route that covers the routes of the two services it replaces, starting from Menston St Mary's School and running via Menston and Burley-in-Wharfedale to school. The service will operate with the same on-bus escort arrangement that currently exists on service P38. In response to parents' concerns about the timekeeping of the service on a morning, service P98 will run slightly earlier, departing Menston St Mary's at 08.10. You can find details of the new service here
    There will be no change to the 499 service.