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  • Payzone - it's the place to go for travel!
    18 November 2014

  • Payzone's 700 West Yorkshire stores are the smart place to top up travel smartcards and save money. 

    And don't forget, from December 2014, West Yorkshire Post Offices will no longer be selling Metro products. 




    Save money by topping up your MCard at Payzone

    Open around 90 hours every week, Payzone shops are the place to add SchoolPlus weekly and monthly as well as discounted 16-25 weekly, monthly and term-time travel products to Young Person’s PhotoCards, Scholar’s PhotoCards and 16-25 PhotoCards.  

    Find your nearest Payzone outlet (opens new window) remember to select 'Transport and Ticketing' 'MCard Travel (West Yorkshire)' and enter your postcode or nearest city/town in the drop-down boxes. 


    Bus Station Travel Centres also sell the range of MCard products.Find out more about Bus Station Travel Centres and the services they provide.

    School Plus travel ticket – great savings with your PhotoCard!

    If you have a Young Person’s or Scholar’s PhotoCard you can buy a weekly or monthly School Plus travel ticket.

    For just £9.50 a week or £35.00 a month this ticket offers virtually unlimited bus travel in West Yorkshire. It’s not just for school journeys, you can use it on evenings and weekends too.

    Buy School Plus from any Payzone outlet or from  Bus Station Travel Centres.

    Applying for a PhotoCard – half-fare travel in West Yorkshire

    If you would like to apply for half-fare travel, here's how to apply for a smart Young Person's or Scholar's PhotoCard.
    How to apply for a Young Person's PhotoCard (11-16 year olds)

    How to apply for a Scholar's PhotoCard (16-18 year olds in full-time education) 

    Smart Stats

    In total, around 1 million smart transactions are being carried out on West Yorkshire's buses and trains every week. Around 86,000 Young Person’s PhotoCards, Scholar’s PhotoCards and 16-25 PhotoCards are already in circulation.