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  • Secondary School Passes for 2017/18
    Renew your existing School Bus Pass and apply for your first Secondary School Bus Pass, for travel to schools in West Yorkshire.  

    Renew your existing School Bus Pass

    If you need to renew your School Bus Pass please complete a Secondary school application form for the academic year 2017/18 

    New starters, September 2017

    Is your child starting secondary school in September? Do they need to use a school service? If so, they may require a Priority PhotoCard. 


    The secondary school application form for the academic year 2017/18 is now available. Use this form to apply for a Priority Photocard, which entitles the holder to a place on a school bus. 

    Secondary school application form for the academic year 2017/18


    Some school bus services require all passengers to hold a Priority PhotoCard and some do not. If you're unsure which service your child will need to use, or whether a Priority Photocard is required, you can check on the individual school's page in our A-Z school finder.

    How to apply

    Please return the completed application form as soon as possible in order to give your child the best possible chance of securing a place on the service of their choice. 



    Send completed application forms, with a passport photograph, to:


    • West Yorkshire Combined Authority
      Education Transport
      Wellington House
      40-50 Wellington Street
      Leeds   LS1 2DE


    Half Fare Travel

    To obtain half fare travel, children require a valid PhotoCard from the age of 11. 
    Apply for an Under 16 or 16-18 PhotoCard.


    Please note that without a valid PhotoCard, your child must pay the full adult fare, regardless of whether or not they are wearing a school uniform.


    Free School Travel

    If you think your child may qualify for zero fare travel, please see Local Authority (LA).

    How to appeal an unsuccessful secondary school bus application

    If we have written to tell you that your application for a place on a secondary school service has been unsuccessful, or if you feel your child has been allocated an incorrect service, you can complete a School Transport Appeal Form. This form is to be used for applications for the 2017/18 school year.  

    Primary School application form (valid for any school year)
    Primary School pupils can fill in the online mybus application form. This form is for Mybus routes only. 

    You can check our A-Z school finder’ to check if your school is served by a Mybus. 

    Mid-year applications must be received by 10am on a Thursday morning in order for your application to be processed in time to start travelling the following week. Applications received after this time will be held over until the week after.

    What to do if you no longer use the service
    If for any reason your child no longer needs to use the school bus service during the academic year, please let Education Transport know either by calling 0113 348 1122 or fill in our online form


    It is important that you do this as we may be able to offer places on the bus service to other children who are waiting for places. If your child has a priority PhotoCard for a school bus service that he/she no longer needs, we would ask that you return this to us by post (address above - see 'Where to send your form').

    Code of conduct
    Please be aware that when you sign up for a place on a school service that you also accept Metro's Code of Conduct.