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  • 16-18 PhotoCard
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    16-18 PhotoCard entitles 16 to 18 year olds living in West Yorkshire to half-fare travel right up until the day before their 19th birthday.  

  • What is a 16-18 PhotoCard? 

    A 16-18 PhotoCard is for all 16 to 18 year olds. It is valid from your 16th birthday until the day before your 19th birthday.

    It gives you travel anywhere in West Yorkshire at any time of day, including evenings and weekends (except late night and special event services).

    What discounted travel do I get? 


    How to get your PhotoCard



    You can:

    • apply online - you will need a valid UK passport or driving licence and a digital passport-quality photo to upload.
    • at a Bus Station Travel Centre  - you will need to take a current Under 16 PhotoCard, or a 16-18 PhotoCard.  There is a £5 fee for the 16-18 PhotoCard. 
      There is no need to provide a photograph as the Travel Centre will take one for you.
      If this is your first smart PhotoCard you must also bring  (a) proof that you live in West Yorkshire, such as a bank statement, and (b) proof of identity and age, such as your birth certificate or NHS medical card.  (Castleford and Pontefract Bus Station Travel Centres only accept credit or debit card payments.)


    Your smartcard will be posted to you.  

    Still got an old Scholar's PhotoCard?

    Blue Scholar's PhotoCards are no longer valid.

    You will need to replace your Scholar's PhotoCard with a 16-18 PhotoCard. 


    Lost PhotoCards 


    There is a £5 fee to replace a lost 16-18 PhotoCard.  The replacement will have the same expiry date as your previous PhotoCard.    

    You can order a replacement online or by going to a Bus Station Travel Centre

    Damaged PhotoCards 

    Physically Damaged PhotoCards
    It is the card holder’s responsibility to ensure that their PhotoCard is in good physical condition to allow it to be scanned by bus ticket machines and rail station gates (if a 16-25 product is loaded).

    For example, ticket machines and gates cannot scan PhotoCards that are:


    Held together with tape OR

    Have holes in the card

    Additionally, PhotoCards where the holder can no longer be identified by the photograph must also order a replacement.

    There is a £5 fee to replace a damaged 16-18 PhotoCard.


    You can order a replacement online or by going to a Bus Station Travel Centre 


    Non-Scanning PhotoCards

    If your card does not scan then it will be withdrawn and you MUST order a replacement. To have your PhotoCard checked please visit a Bus Station Travel Centre. If the PhotoCard has no obvious physical damage and fails to scan at a Bus Station Travel Centre they will order a replacement free of charge. The replacement will have the same expiry date as your previous PhotoCard.


    Stolen PhotoCards 

    If your 16-18 PhotoCard has been stolen, report it to the police. They will give you a Crime Reference Number, which you will need to quote when you order your replacement card.  There is no charge for replacing a stolen PhotoCard if you have a Crime Reference Number.You can order a replacement for your stolen PhotoCard by:

    Calling MetroLine on 0113 245 7676 and quoting your Crime Reference Number.

    Going to a Bus Station Travel Centre - take your Crime Reference Number.  

    Travelling into North Yorkshire on Transdev services  

    With a 16-18 PhotoCard you can travel on all Transdev Keighley & District, Harrogate & District and Coastliner services into and within North Yorkshire, as long as you are a West Yorkshire resident.

    For Transdev Keighley and District, Harrogate and District and Coastliner service you will receive a third off the fare for your journey in North Yorkshire.

    16-18 rail travel outside of West Yorkshire 

    For travel outside of West Yorkshire, beyond the last West Yorkshire stopping station, full fare is payable for West Yorkshire 16-18 Photocard holders, unless they are in possession of a discounted railcard such as a 16-25 Railcard.