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  • Which pass?
  • Which Pass video

    The types of pass and permit you need for travelling to and from school, college, or uni will vary depending on where you are going.

  • Getting to school by bus

    If you travel to school by bus, there may be a dedicated school bus service from your area to your school. Some of these school buses are 'Mybus' yellow school buses. Alternatively, there may be public buses you can get to and from school.


    Either way, the type of pass or permit you require will depend on which school you go to.


    You can find out passes information for your school in our schools A-Z pages.
    Find your school in our A-Z schools list


    Aged 15 and under?

     You pay half-fare, unless you are entitled to free school travel. You will need get an Under 16 PhotoCard to be entitled to half-fare travel. 

    Regular bus users
    If you use buses a lot or use more than one operator then you could save money with an Under 19 bus only ticket. The ticket is a weekly or monthly season ticket for travel on buses only.  You will need a Young Person's PhotoCard to buy a School Plus ticket.  

    More about free school travel

    More about applying for a Young Person's PhotoCard  


    School bus FAQs

    16-18 and a resident in West Yorkshire?

    If you're 16 to 18 and live in West Yorkshire then you can get half-fare travel on buses and trains. You will need to show a 16-18 PhotoCard to get the half-fare.

    More about 16-18 PhotoCard


    Regular bus users
    You can buy an under 19 bus only ticket with your 16-18 PhotoCard. The under 19 bus only ticket is a weekly or monthly season ticket for travel on buses only.

    Regular train users
    Use a 16-18 PhotoCard to get rail season tickets for half price or you can purchase an under 16 rail zone 1 - 5 and countywide bus ticket, which includes bus and train travel in West Yorkshire.

    Under 26 and in full-time education or working?

    Choose a 19 - 25 or student PhotoCard if you are under 26 for the easiest way to travel on both buses and trains in West Yorkshire. Weekly and Monthly season tickets are available at Payzone outlets as well as bus station travel centres in West Yorkshire.

    Out & about in general?

    Metro have a range of ways you can save money on travel. With a West Yorkshire MetroDay pr train DayRover you choose how and when you want to travel, with great savings. Choose the type of travel and hop on - it’s really that simple. Visit Metro's website for more about tickets and passes (opens in a new window)

    Plan your journey

    Know where you want to be but not quite sure how to get there? Use our online Journey Planner (external link - opens in a new window)