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  • SAFEMARK - Year 6 travel workshops
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    SAFEMARK aims to prepare children for the world of public transport, prior to their transition to secondary school.

  • Junior SAFEMARK workshops - preparing Year 6 pupils for the world of public transport, prior to their transition to secondary school.

    Designed for Year-6 pupils about to move up to secondary school, Junior SAFEMARK workshops provide 11 year-olds with the skills and confidence to use public transport. At this stage in their life many young people experience public transport for the first time as they travel to their new school, or become more independent in their free time. Junior SAFEMARK teaches them how to read timetables, plan journeys and how to behave safely when travelling.


    Held throughout the academic year, workshops are organised by Metro in partnership with the District Councils.

    The workshop

    The workshop lasts around two hours and schools can book a morning or afternoon session. During the session, pupils discuss public transport scenarios, watch a DVD, answer questions in a workbook and take part in a bus safety role play. All with the opportunity to win prizes.

    Summary of Junior SAFEMARK workshop:

    • Planning a journey in advance – The importance of preparing for journeys including a discussion of potential scenarios when travelling independently.
    • Online Journey Planning – using Metro’s website to plan a recreational trip or school journey.
    • Finding school bus information and timetables on www.generationm.co.uk, Metro’s young person’s website.
    • Interpreting timetables – Finding bus times on a bus stop timetable.
    • Metro’s Services – More ways to plan a journey – stressing importance of being able to find your way home safely.
    • Bus safety – Role play session addressing bus safety and behaviour

    Booking your workshop

    The workshops are delivered at a venue for two weeks in each district throughout the academic year. Letters inviting Year 6 classes to attend workshops are sent to every school in West Yorkshire. Those that are not successful in getting a place at the venue are offered a school visit where a member of the team will deliver the session at school.


    If you are interested in your Year 6 pupils attending a FREE workshop please call the SAFEMARK booking team at Metro on 0113 2517 497



    Teachers can now deliver the workshop themselves by downloading worksheets and viewing our video clips through youtube.  Teaching resources